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Your Data and Your Vet

I suspect you can’t have missed the massive surge of emails recently from companies asking to keep your data on file - possibly even from organisations you’d forgotten you had anything about! This is all part of the new Data Protection law that came into force today, the “General Data Protection Regulation”. While this is European legislation, the government has confirmed that it will apply and continue to apply in the UK whatever happens over Brexit. In this blog, I’m going to talk about how may affect you, as a client of a veterinary practice.
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My dog’s really nervous after neutering – does he need some sort of HRT?

This is a really interesting question, and raises a number of really valid points. To answer it, we need to look in more detail the reasons why dogs behave the way they do, and the hormonal influences on them.

New research shows how vets can help tackle antibiotic resistance

The increasing threat of antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest challenges to human health in the 21st century. Previously curable infectious diseases are becoming untreatable, with the risk of widespread morbidity and mortality. Resistant infections could potentially spread throughout the world in a short space of time, thanks to the recent growth in international trade and travel.
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How do vets stay up to date?

One of the most exciting things about working in the veterinary field is how quickly things change. We’re privileged enough to be living at a time when revolutionary steps in technology, medicine, surgery, and even our society as a whole are happening almost every day.
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