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Genetic Breakthrough in Muscular Dystrophy?

There have been a series of exciting headlines in the news in the last week or so about a radical new gene-therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and how this research in dogs might lead to a cure for the condition… but what have the scientists actually done? How realistic is the hype? Why was it tested in dogs at all (a question a lot of animal welfare organisations have raised)? And why is it being reported in an animal health blog?! In this blog, I’m hoping to answer all these questions, and explain why this is such an important breakthrough.

A battle has been won against puppy farms. Now what about the war?

The government is going to ban third party sales of puppies and kittens in England

A British vet, Marc Abraham, has been campaigning against puppy farms for over a decade. This week, he and fellow-campaigners gained a huge victory, with the announcement that the UK government is planning to ban third party sales of puppies and kittens. This radical move – tagged as “Lucy’s Law” by campaigners – means that breeders of puppies and kittens will have to sell directly to the public. The new regulations will force breeders to be directly accountable for the animals that they sell. There will only be two links in the chain: breeder and new owner.  Rehoming organisations are the only exception to this rule.

My dog’s eaten… is it poison?

As vets, we see far too many dogs who have, one way or another, been poisoned. In fact, one recent study by the British Veterinary Association suggested that 94% of vets had seen at least one poisoning case in the previous year - and the average was one a month, so it isn’t a rare problem! However, there are a lot of common beliefs surrounding poisoning (and what constitutes a poison) in pets and, in this blog, we’d like to explore some of them and introduce our new online Poisons Guide that we hope will help to save you (and your vets’!) time and anxiety, by helping you to determine how serious a possible poisoning incident is.
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My dog is panting excessively – What could be wrong?

For dogs, panting can be a natural reaction to exertion, heat, excitement, and fear. If the panting is excessive it may be a sign or symptom that something is wrong.