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First Steps for First Time Rabbit Owners

Rabbits make very rewarding pets for dedicated owners, with every rabbit having their own unique character. Many rabbit owners want to provide their pets with the highest quality care possible, so as our knowledge of rabbit husbandry has improved over recent years, this has enabled owners to meet the welfare and behavioural needs of their rabbits. All new rabbit owners should ensure that they are able to fulfil these requirements so they can give their new pets a great quality of life. 
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Caring for your pets in the wildfires

Devastating bushfires raging in NSW, Queensland and South Australia mark a horrific start to this fire season. We have seen tragic loss of life and property; and yet encouraging stories emerge such as Bear the Detector Dog rescuing singed Koalas from the ashes. There are some critical things you must do to care for your pets and to prepare for a potential evacuation in a fire season.
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Blended Family, Blended Pack

Bringing two families together can be an exciting time, with lots of changes. Add to that integrating multiple pets into the same household and your furry family member can have a new companion for life. However, all these changes can also be a little challenging, so there are a few things we’d recommend you consider and a few things to keep an eye on.
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How Do I Know When My Tortoise is Ready to Hibernate?

If you’re anything like us on cold autumn mornings, we bet many of you would prefer to stay wrapped up warm in bed, instead of having to get up to a cold house and de-ice the car. In fact, maybe we should just sleep through winter, like tortoises! If you own one of these slow-moving little reptiles, you are probably aware that most tortoises hibernate over winter. But knowing when and how to hibernate your tortoise can be tricky, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide that will explain the ins and outs of tortoise hibernation.
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Why are my rabbits fighting?

It’s completely normal to have the occasional disagreement in any household or relationship, but when these can’t be resolved or escalate into a full-blown domestic it’s a problem. The same goes for your pets and their relationships with each other. There can be many reasons why your rabbits might not be getting on. Their relationship can be influenced by their age, sex, neutering, and other stresses or changes in a household.
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Why are pets good for your health?

We’ve shared our lives with domesticated animals for more than 10,000 years, but have only recently started to study and understand the importance of the human-animal bond. Now 90% of pet owners see their pet as part of the family. While we look after them, they in return look after us. 90% of UK pet owners say owning a pet makes them happy and 88% feel pet ownership improves their overall quality of life. It’s proven that interacting with pets helps bring a healthier and happier life, strengthens community ties, providing friendship, laughter, joy, security and love.
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