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Emma qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Edinburgh University, having grown up on a small farm in Somerset surrounded by all creatures great and small. After graduation, she spent two years working in a busy rural mixed practice before progressing to a small animal hospital to focus on treating pets. Following a period of time running a branch practice, Emma decided to move into the wider veterinary industry, working within the veterinary team at a global pet nutrition company. In this varied role one of her key responsibilities was providing dietary advice to vets and nurses on the nutritional management of complex cases. The importance of optimal nutrition in the maintenance of good health as well as the management of common diseases is something Emma remains passionate about.

Latest articles by Emma Henton

How long does puppy teething last?
How long does puppy teething last?
Puppies do not have any teeth present in the mouth at birth. Although, by the time they move to their new home from around 2 months of age, they will usually have a full set of deciduous (baby) teeth. Over the next few m…
May 25, 2021 • 10 shares
What is mange in dogs?
What is mange in dogs?
Put simply, the veterinary definition of mange is ‘a skin disease caused by mites’. Mites are miniscule organisms closely related to ticks and spiders. For many, the term mange will automatically evoke images of animals…
May 23, 2021 • 40 shares
Can Dogs Eat Fruit?
Can Dogs Eat Fruit?
Much is made of the importance of us humans getting our five-a-day when it comes to fruit and vegetables, so is it right to assume that munching their way through the fruit bowl can only be a good thing for our four-legg…
March 28, 2021 • 1014 shares
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