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When will my vet start neutering and spaying again?

The COVID lockdown brought ‘emergency-only’ appointments for veterinary practices across the UK. For the first 8 weeks, your pet would only be given an appointment if a delay in being seen would severely affect their health or welfare. Vaccinations were put on hold; neutering appointments were cancelled… But the lockdown is lifting - so can your vets spay your pets?

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Can cats have an overactive thyroid?

Hyperthyroidism - or an overactive thyroid - is an extremely common disease of older cats, occurring in about 1 in 10 cats over the age of 10. Unlike many diseases, hyperthyroidism is more common in moggies than purebred cats. It is a progressive disease that will eventually damage organs, leading to high blood pressure, heart problems, and kidney problems amongst other things.

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What Is a Micropig and should I get one?

Micropigs were popular pets back in 2010, when Paris Hilton and stars of The Only Way is Essex bought them. Now they’re facing a resurgence, with popstar Ariana Grande and YouTube stars Logan Paul and Robert reportedly owning micropigs. But what are they? Does a pig make a good pet? 

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Why Did the Vet Prescribe Pimobendan?

For many owners, getting a diagnosis for their pet, and being given all the medications they need, is a bit of a whirlwind. And often you get home and realise you have unanswered questions or you’ve forgotten what was said. If your pet has recently been prescribed pimobendan, you might be wondering what it is for, and how it works.

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Why did the vet prescribe an “NSAID”?

If your pet has been prescribed an NSAID you might be wondering what it is, and what it does. NSAIDs are one of the most commonly prescribed classes of drugs in animal medicine, with millions of doses given daily. They’re used for everything from routine surgery to part of a care plan for complex conditions such as arthritis. 

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Why Does My Dog Eat Poo?

Eating poo, or ‘coprophagia’ is one of the most disgusting habits our dogs can have. It’s actually fairly common for dogs to eat their own poo. About 16% of dogs eating poo at least three times in their lives. There are lots of possible causes. We’ll work through a few to help you get to the bottom of what’s going on.

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