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Announcing our All-New Symptom Checker and Poisons Guide!

If your pet were to be ill, would you know how serious it was? Do you know whether they’d need a vet NOW or if it could wait till tomorrow - or even if it was something you could deal with by yourself? While you could of course phone your vet - all vets have arrangements for the care of their patients outside normal opening hours, and they’ll almost always give free telephone advice - you might not want to bother them. So what many animal owners do, is to go online… but of course, how do you know you can trust what you find? Dr Google is rather likely to give you 10 different answers!   This was why we created our original Symptom Checker. The aim was to provide a reliable, accurate resource that would let you, the owner, check your own animals’ symptoms and see what you needed to do. Did you need to call the vet? Was there any first aid you could do? Could this be managed at home? The aim was to give you that information at your fingertips. So, we assembled a huge team of vets, many of them RCVS Specialists in their respective fields, and built it. And it has proven hugely popular!

Foreign Bodies – and where to find them

It’s an odd phrase, ‘foreign body.’ It’s like something that a caricature of a 1960s Home Office worker might have found. But of course, when we use it medically, we mean something very specific: an object that has sneaked, or been put, into an inappropriate place in the body. It’s often a vet’s job to get it out.
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Well done Swanspool!

We were delighted to announce the winner of the Best UK Vets 2019 on Wednesday... but the news doesn't end there, because we also held their official presentation on the same day! Read on for more about it, and some lovely photos!
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Announcing the Best UK Vet 2019…

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now ready to make the announcement! For 12 months, veterinary practices across the UK have been asking their clients for reviews, good or bad (although hopefully most were good!). These are added up once a year, and the practice with the most 4* and 5* reviews wins an award, which VetHelpDirect sponsors. In addition, there are awards for the runners up, and for certain specific categories - for example, Best Equine Practice, Best Northern Irish and Best Scottish Practice. But it’s the main prize that our practices compete for… Is your practice on the list? Now you can find out, because we can announce that the Best UK Vet 2019 is…
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Worm Tales Part 2: Nematodes

Nematodes are the most abundant animals on Earth (according the Encyclopaedia Britannica)   Trees have them; soil has them; the insides of animals have them..... And so, of course, do people and their pets.   But what exactly is a nematode? Nematodes are Roundworms. These are round worms, as their name suggests: earthworms are the obvious example. The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes roundworms as being ‘the most abundant animals on Earth’; they have an opening at each end, and soil, tissue and dirt travel through them, getting smaller as the worm breaks this matter down and removes some useful nutrients. It is an important part of the decay process.   And how do nematodes affect me? They help to shape our landscapes and support the food chain. Without nematodes, our world would look completely different......
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Worm Tales, part 1 – Canine Tapeworms

Our planet has a wealth of habitats. There are the icy poles; there are equatorial rainforests. There are peat bogs and tundra, mountain and desert, city and moor. Life, however, has developed ways of surviving in almost every nook and cranny, whatever the temperature, light intensity, moisture levels or hazards in that environment. The animal's body is another collection of environments with differing levels of harshness, that support small forms of life.