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Hot Dogs – do the cooling coats work?

The forecasters are predicting a serious heatwave this week, leading to people and pets getting hot under the collar. We are constantly searching for novel ways to cool our pets. In recent years cooling coats, collars and beds have appeared. The recent increase in people buying clothing and accessories for their pets increases their appeal.

Do I need to vaccinate my bunny?

!Rabbit Awareness Week might be over, but the Protect and Prevent motto is still just as important! Rabbits are great pets, however, looking after them is not as simple as just carrots, hutches, and hugs. Vaccinations are as important for rabbits as they are for dogs and cats - like all pets, rabbits can get ill, and there are a few dangerous diseases that you should always vaccinate against. In the UK, we most commonly vaccinate against two rabbit diseases: myxomatosis (or myxi) and rabbit haemorrhagic disease, RHD.

Why is my rabbit not eating?

When rabbits stop eating, it’s usually serious. As prey species, they’re hard-wired to carry on as if nothing is wrong, to make sure they don’t look weak to a predator. Although there are lots of different reasons a rabbit may stop eating, they’re often very sick when this happens and I recommend taking them straight to a rabbit-savvy vet if you notice a drop in their appetite.

Vet School and Me (Part 2)

Three Years Down…

In my last blog I talked about my life at Vet School, and how much I loved the course.  

Too Cool for Vet School

Despite such a great course, student life in general, for me, has not been wholly positive. This is partly down to the course itself, partly down to our campus, but I think mostly down to my own personality and life.
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Why is my rabbit scratching?

Although it’s no longer Rabbit Awareness Week, we thought we’d cover some extra rabbity things this month! Rabbits are quite fastidious creatures. They love to groom and will have the odd scratch. It is important to know what is normal for your rabbit, so you are able to spot potential problems quickly. Scratching more than normal, overgrooming, dandruff, or fur loss may be signs of a parasite infestation. Mites and fleas are the most common parasites affecting rabbits.

Vet School and Me (Part 1)

“What is it Like Being a Student at Nottingham Vet School?”

I’ve come a long way in my first three years at vet school - having just received my first degree, and with clinical rotations and life outside of university getting ever closer, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on my experiences studying veterinary medicine at the University of Nottingham. Do remember that everything I say is based on my own opinions and experiences, which will differ from all 150ish of the other vet students in my year. I will try and talk as candidly as I can about my first three years, so that new students may learn a little more about vet school, and current vets might see how much or little vet school has changed since they were students, especially since Nottingham Vet School is relatively young. I am a little uncertain how exactly to write about 3 whole years of my life in such a short space, so I will break it up into my experiences as a vet student, and my student life in general.