Here at VetHelpDirect, we want to help you – the pet parent, owner, or guardian. And we want to help your vets to help you! That’s why we started the Best UK Vet Awards – to reward genuinely excellent service by vet practices across the UK.

But while we award the prizes, it’s you who decide the winners. And despite the pandemic, in 2021 and early 2022, you voted 15,504 times – by reviewing your local practice on or on And, in a tribute to the vets of the UK, an incredible 14,138 were at 4 or 5* – the top ratings. That’s an amazing 95%

But of course, there can only be one winner… (although there are also runners up and Best in County, as well as some other categories!). And the winner is…

Overall Gold Winner Best UK Vet 2022

Cockburn Veterinary Group in Coalville – for the second year in a row! – with 606 4* and 5* reviews – well done Cockburn!

Diane Storer, owner Cockburn Vets, commented, “We are absolutely delighted to receive this award for the second year running.  Our vets and all staff have worked so hard to help our customers at such a tricky time.  We are a small, family-owned independent vets and this means the world to us all! We love working with!” 

The honourable runners up

Of course, it doesn’t end there! While Cockburn had the highest number of great reviews, Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery in London (Silver), just managed to overtake last year’s second placed Millennium Veterinary Practice Braintree (Bronze this year). Both did exceptionally well, with 432 and 344 reviews, respectively.

But the competition was if anything even fiercer at County level…

Best Vets in County

Is your county missing? That’s because there weren’t enough reviews of any vets there to meet the minimum of 25 reviews in a 12 month period!

Best Vet in Category

Top 25

These are veterinary practices that achieved a high score, and with over 1600 practices listed, while they didn’t reach the Best in Category are nevertheless offering excellent service to their clients!

Didn’t see your practice? Then get reviewing! Every review really does count – we don’t judge these, you do, as it’s entirely based on the numbers of 4* and 5* reviews in 2023!