Data Processors

This is a full list of all our data processing and subprocessing organisations, with a brief explanation of their role. Please note, most of these are specific to one service so not everyone’s data will be processed by all, or even most, of these organisations. 

123Reg – for managing client web domains

Agorapulse – for managing social media accounts

Autoentry – an accounting tool

Campaign Monitor – for sending emails

Canva – for creating reports and graphics

Docusign – for managing contracts with suppliers and clients

Dropbox – for file archiving and access

Etch – for website development and management

Facebook and Instagram – for communicating with users and clients

Fasthosts – for managing web domains

Flywheel – for hosting client websites

Google – for communication, file archiving and processing, advertising and communicating

GoTo – for internal communications

HighRise – for communications archiving

James Bastable Photography – for client photography

LiveChat – for virtual chat services

ManageWP – for managing websites

PayPal – for payments to authors

Peninsula – for HR support

Prezi – for reports

Pubble – for virtual chat

Quickbooks – for accounting

Seen Creative – for practice videography

SEM-Rush – for website analysis

Shortstack – for hosting photographs and competitions

Slack – for internal communications

Smart Debit – for invoicing

Squarespace – for website management

SurveyMonkey – for surveys and questionnaires

Tettra – for internal communications

Trello – for communication with contractors

Tucows – for web domain management

Twitter – for communicating with clients and users

VetSites UK – for website building

Vimeo – for video hosting

WeLove Media – for practice videography

Worldpay – for payments from clients

Yay – for communications

If you have a query about any of these, please contact